Monday, 10 October 2011

Wardah Is Rose ^^

Salam & Hi
Inilah dia..yang disebut-sebut sebelum ni :-)


Because of your name,you got three gedabak roses ^^

Wish I recorded how excited Wardah was when she received this.
Next time I want to record people expression when they got their birthday dedication (if any ;-)
siap korang!

Tangan terketor macam parkinson masa nak lekat swirls. It's too small..huhu

Alamak lupa nak cabut clip! adoi~
Here it is :-) Just another idea..dah 9 bulan kad je..nak buat yang lain la pulak ;-)

1-Wardah and Zak,your next quilling task will be that ROSE oke.
2-Siti-City will lauch a new product. Wait and see! ^^


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